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Subpoena Duces Tecum Form

See the Civil Matters (Trial Prep) or Criminal Matters forms pages. Self-Help Resources · Formularios en Español. I request that the court issue a subpoena that orders the party named on this form to be examined under oath before a judge concerning the money or property. ❑ SUBPOENA. ❑ SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM lex et justitia. CO. MMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY. COU R T OF JUSTICE. This subpoena was served by delivery of a true copy to. Questions regarding court proceedings should be directed to the appropriate court. Maryland Attorneys may Access Statewide Uniform Subpoena Forms by logging. If you require an individual to produce a record or document necessary for your case, you may apply to the Clerk of the Court for a Subpoena Duces Tecum.

Judicial Subpoena Duces Tecum (Records Only) Form. This is a New York form and can be use in General. - Justia Forms. G SUBPOENA OR G SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM; EXHIBIT A. Form #2DC IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE SECOND CIRCUIT. DIVISION. STATE OF. RETURN OF SERVICE (see page two of this form). FORM DC (MASTER, PAGE ONE OF TWO) 7/ Page 2. TO the person summoned: If you are served with this subpoena. SUBPOENA OR. SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM; EXHIBIT A. Form #1DC IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST CIRCUIT. DIVISION. STATE OF HAWAI'I. Plaintiff(s). Defendant(s). Subpoena Forms. New Foreign Subpoena Form added September 8, The forms are available in both Microsoft Word and PDF format. Click the appropriate icon. Family Law Forms; Subpoenas Forms A - E. Subpoenas Forms A - E. (d). Subpoena Duces Tecum for Hearing or Trial (Issued by Attorney). Civil Subpoena (Duces Tecum) for Personal Appearance and Production of Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Things at Trial or Hearing and. WITNESS SUBPOENA/SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM RETURN. Came to hand the ____ day of., 20___, at ______o'clock ___.M., and executed the _____ day of. (B) If a subpoena does not specify the form or forms for producing electronically stored information, a person responding to a subpoena must produce the. Page 1. Sample Form SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM. [ ]State of Alabama. [ ]Municipality of. v. Defendant. Statement of Inability to Pay Cost Form · Web Access Form · Witness Subpoena Subpoena Duces Tecum · Witness Deposition Subpoena Subpoena Duces Tecum.

This packet contains court forms and instructions to file a civil subpoena court. ▫ A civil subpoena duces tecum is a legal order requiring: may also fill. Orders a person who is not a party to a case to appear and testify at and bring specific documents or things to a trial or court hearing. Get form SUBP Rule (a) Contempt. Failure by any person without adequate excuse to obey a subpoena served upon that person may be deemed a contempt of the court from. Subpoena or Subpoena Duces Tecum. This form is used to make a written request to a Judge for witnesses to appear at a specified hearing date and time (Subpoena). REQUEST FOR SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM. A. I request that a subpoena duces tecum be issued to require the custodian named at right or someone acting. Form - SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM WITHOUT DEPOSITION. (a)When Witness Has Option to Furnish Records Instead of Attending Deposition; Issuance by Clerk. A person responding to a subpoena to produce documents must produce them as they are kept in the ordinary course of business or must organize and label them to. JU , Subpoena Duces Tecum (SBDT) ; JU , Return of Subpoena (RTSB) ; JU , Motion and Declaration for Change of Judge (MTAF) ; JU , Order. subpoenaed to bring to court. On the actual Subpoena form you also have to fill in the name of the person you would like subpoenaed, the documents or other.

If a subpoena does not specify a form for producing electronically stored information, the person responding must produce it in a form or forms in which it. You will need an original to submit to the Court and one copy for each person to be served. Service is explained below. A SUBPOENA MUST. BE SIGNED BY A JUDGE. Subpoena for Designated Materials Due to the Court on a Specified Date. This form is used to subpoena a person to appear in court with designated materials. [Form DC] - PAGE 2 ONLY Instructions (Forthcoming); Subpoena Duces Tecum (Criminal) – Attorney Issued [Form DC]. Civil (Form numbers , , Please go to the Subpoena Help Topics page to learn more about what forms you may need and find other resources related to this topic.

What are the Different Types of Subpoena Forms

______ Deputy Constable, City of Baton Rouge. ______ Deputy Sheriff, Parish of East Baton Rouge. Traffic – Subpoena Duces Tecum Long Form pg 2 (). Subpoena Duces Tecum v.,. Defendant. STATE OF NEW JERSEY TO: YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to appear in person before the Superior Court of New. Jersey,. Division. Florida Rules of Civil Procedure Form (a) (Revised 02/18/) SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM. THE STATE OF FLORIDA: TO on this subpoena and thereby eliminate.

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